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Hellhound Music Review!
Macedo featured in "URB Magazine"


Identical twin sisters, Michelle and Melissa Macedo, released their first single “Your Skin Brims” this week–straight from their anticipated EP “Paper Doll” that drops on February 4th. These twin singer-songwriters have emerged onto the Indie Pop scene unapologetic with a lot to express–as if Fiona Apple gave birth to them both. You can hear the honesty in their voices as the track tugs and pulls you in different directions–both lyrically, vocally, and rhythmically.


Billboard Discoveries Review

"Most Beautiful Woman" which is only piano and vocalsis her most daring piece. There is an unadultered honesty that is so disarming in it's reptition and palpable hurt, it makes Adele's "Someone Like You" feel almost whimpy. Macedo clearly has a full toolbox for songwriting"

-Billboard Discoveries

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