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Assoc. Producer on this amazing project...

"Deformity Prays for Radiation" is an original short film in verse set in the toxic forest of Chernobyl. Past the trees & brush we follow a twisted love story between two young scientists. Our only guide, the music of a Ukrainian folk choir, the spirits of a radiated forest. Debuting real, unheard historical folk songs of Chernobyl pre-dating the worst nuclear power plant disaster in human history. Revealing the destruction of our own relationships within the decay of our environment.

Dirty Talk presented by World Kin Ensemble

We are so excited to be acting in and producing a very important piece titled "Dirty Talk" with the brilliant creator Shaheen Vaaz. "Dirty Talk" is a docudrama about women, men & the silence in between them. Real life interviews with students, professors and advocates from around the country. A must see for college campuses everywhere.

World Kin Ensemble is a theatre company created by myself and sister, Melissa Macedo committed to challenging our conceptions of gender and power dynamics. We strive to give a voice to those unheard through art and theatre. 

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